Monday, April 30, 2012

MetalMark cover

Science Fiction Romance
I'm so pleased to share with you the cover for MetalMark. Didn't Lyrical Press do a wonderful job? It's simply gorgeous and I can't stop smiling!

MetalMark is what I'd call a space opera. So why the steampunk style cover? Imagine it this way, like an episode of Star Trek. You have your advanced society with space travel technology. The "away team" is sent down to a non-space-age planet to investigate. Voila. Action ensues. Red shirts are killed. Kirk gets to have fun with the green alien girl.

In this case, we have Jazz, a space pirate who winds up on the planet Brutus with a society still in the steam age. Then she meets the hero, Lye. And much action ensues!

So there you have it. What do you think? Isn't the cover wonderful?

For more about MetalMark, the unofficial blurb is on my website and the book is listed in the Lyrical Press catalog.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Release day for Desert Blade!

Incredibly happy to announce the release of Desert Blade. This novella was so much fun to write. I enjoyed creating a world for Derek and Lidia while exploring the heat and passion between them. This is a hot story, with a hero who has a penchant to use harsh language and a heroine who is determined to save him. I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy!

Desert Blade
Desert Blade 
Near-Future, Science Fiction Romance, Post-Apocalyptic -- Novella

In the post-apocalyptic Midwest, now a ravaged dust bowl, former guardsman Derek Covington must find help for a sick boy. With nothing but memories of all he lost, Derek crosses the desert alone in search of the doctor who saved his own life ten years ago. Drifter gangs who loot and pillage don't dare come near, for Derek has a formidable weapon: a prosthetic arm with a deadly blade.

For a decade, Dr. Lidia Sullivan has fantasized about the handsome guardsman who'd been in her care. And now she can't deny his dangerous request. But as they make the treacherous journey back to Old St. Louis, they must contend with much more than fierce desert winds and their unthinkable attraction. A fearless gang has spotted Lidia—a rare woman—and will fight Derek to the death to get her. And though he risks his life to save her for the sake of the child who needs her, she fears there's one thing Derek will never risk: his heart.
27,000 words
Available from:
Carina Press

Desert Blade from Carina Press
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two new contracts!

I haven't blogged in a few months. Mostly, if I see something of interest, I either tweet it, tumblr it, or post on Contact: Infinite Futures, a group blog I participate in with other Carina SF authors. I will continue to use my blog for announcements like these!!!!

Ellora's Cave has signed Desire the Banshee, an erotic paranormal romance. This is intended to be the first of a three novella series starring a paranormal ops group.

Lyrical Press has signed MetalMark, a space opera romance with a space piratess, a prince of a dying planet, and space action of every type!

In other news, I've re-gained the rights to "Firestorm on E'Terra" and re-released it. I'm quite pleased with how that has worked out and will continue to re-release stories if rights revert to me.

I'm very excited about these projects and have been working on another story I hope to announce soon.
Thank you readers! You keep me going and I truly appreciate the support.