Monday, June 25, 2012

Winner of the SFR bloghop

The winner for the midsummer blog hop at this blog, randomly chosen, is Shadow who answered the question of which movie would you save from the apocalypse:

I have so many favorite movies, id miss all of them! Some of my favorites are: Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice, Ugly Truth, Beauty and the Beast, Practical Magic, etc. I have a ton of favorites. I know you said choose one, but i cant! :D Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop!

And in response to that, Nooooo! You have to pick. I'll pick Pride and Prejudice for you, just so you can commiserate with the heroine, Lidia :)

Thanks everyone for playing. I truly enjoyed every single one of your answers! And what a variety of movies--only a few were repeated. And only a few are ones I haven't seen. I'll have to remedy that!

I will be having another contest soon!


Kyndra Hatch said...

I know the blog hop is over, but I wanted to come around and comment on all the posts of my fellow hoppers. Desert Blade sounds amazing! My kind of book! I'm not sure what movie I'd really miss...probably 'Transformers.' I love the first live action one from 2007. A great apocalyptic movie that springs to mind after reading about 'Desert Blade' is 'The Postman.' I love that movie. :) Mad Max jumps to mind too, LOL!

Ella Drake said...

Hi Kyndra!
I keep meaning to re-watch The Postman! I need to get on that. And trust me, Road Warrior was in my mind a few times while writing Desert Blade. I can't tell you how fun it was to write a post-apoc!