Sunday, May 29, 2011

MetalMark -- Six Sentences #7

It's been a while since my last six! I thought I'd post more from MetalMark:

One by one, he tongued and lapped, cleaned the juice from her fingers. Unfocused until now, he’d experienced the endless want, the itch he couldn’t scratch, once a month, but he’d never known this depth of desire before. Her essence, salty mixed with the berries, gave him a hunger for more. Jazz slid closer to him, her breathing hot and heavy on his neck as he leaned forward, intent on the blue smudges on her breasts.

His lips touched between her breasts and small bumps rose on her skin, rough against the long lick he made around and around the stain.

Her hands clutched him tight against her, and the ache of his loins, heavy and wanting for days, brought a rumble from his chest

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