Friday, February 11, 2011


I've been thinking a bit about themes and branding for a variety of reasons. And mulling this over, looking at my published work as well as those in progress, I've realized something. I tend to write characters who have issues of control.

In Silver Bound, Jewel loses control over her own memories, her thoughts, her body. In Scent of Cin, Cin also loses control over her body when she's killed then brought back to life by a nephilim , who ends up owning a piece of her as a result. In Wolf-Bitten, Alaya ends up getting herself mated to a werewolf whether she wanted it, or not. (Or, maybe she did.) In The Forbidden Chamber, Isabel's passion is controlled by a curse. (Or is it?)

In every single one of these stories, the heroines learn to understand what's controlling them and finds a way to take back that control. They're all fighters.

I'm working on a story set in the same universe as Silver Bound, where you'll be happy to know that the hero gets a dose of control-loss.

This concept of loss of control of your own body's reactions is a disturbing one that gets to the heart of how many women must feel at one point or another. In some way, writing the fictional heroine who finds how to take back control is a theme I'm finding may to with frequency.

I'm sure I'll be exploring this theme again!

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