Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEC Conference

This weekend, I'll be attending the NEC-RWA 2010 Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference being held in Framingham, MA. At the end of the conference, a book fair, open to the public, will be held. Proceeds go to the Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts. Below are the authors who will be signing, the first three authors being guests of honor:

Brenda Novak
NY Times/USA Today
Best Seller

MaryJanice Davidson
NY Times/USA Today
Best Seller

Judith Arnold
Award Winning
Best Seller

  1. Annette Blair
  2. Ashlyn Chase
  3. Caroline Linden
  4. Chrisyne Butler
  5. Dalton Diaz
  6. Diane Amos
  7. Donna Russo Morin
  8. Eve Silver
  9. Hannah Howell
  10. Jennifer Linforth
  11. Jessica Andersen
  12. J.M. Griffin
  13. K.A. Mitchell
  14. Kat Henry Doran
  15. Kate George
  16. Kathryn Smith
  17. Laura Moore
  18. Linda Bleser
  19. Linda Cardillo
  20. Lindsay Downs
  21. Lindsay Longford
  22. Lisa Mondello
  23. Pepper Goodrich
  24. Sally MacKenzie
  25. Samantha Hunter
  26. Winnie Griggs
If you're in the area, come by and see me!