Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 ways to read a book

I noticed how many books I have on my Fictionwise shelf this week. This follows quickly behind my effort to keep track of the books I read this year on Goodreads. It got me thinking about ebooks, ebook devices, and just where do I find myself reading print books. Here are 13 ways I've read books in the past.

  1. Under covers. With a flashlight.
  2. On a plane.
  3. On a beach.
  4. At the dinner table (as a kid in a house where I was the only female).
  5. I first started reading ebooks on a regular basis after I had my second baby. It was a life saver to be able to nurse him while reading or sit with him when he went to sleep. With the device, I was able to turn off the lights and still read. I read on a pocketpc, a Dell Axim. (pictured to the right)
  6. I've read on my laptop & PC.
  7. I've read on my Blackberry Curve
  8. My Nokia N810, which is a purely awesome geeky little device. (pictured at the top of the post). This is the device I use most at the moment for multiformat ebooks. If I really have to have an ebook w/ DRM, I'll read it with mobipocket on my Blackberry.
  9. In the library
  10. In the library, cramming for an exam
  11. On a long car trip. This method of reading is long in my past. I did this on family trips as a kid. Now, I get car sick.
  12. In bed.
  13. In the bathtub.
How do you read?


Stephanie Adkins said...

Oh yes, I've done many of those. LOL I tend to read anywhere I can get comfortable. Happy Thursday!

Elise Logan said...

Sadly, I can't read in the car. I get horribly motion sick. But pretty much any place I can be still - I'm all over that.

Jennifer Leeland said...

I can't read in the car either. I wish I could.
And like Stephanie, I tend to read anywhere I can get comfortable.

Paige Tyler said...

Fun TT! Curled up on the couch or in bed are always favorites!


My TT is at

jamiebabette said...

Oh, I'll read anywhere. I can read in a car, that was always handy on looooong family vacations. I like paperbacks, but I'll read on my laptop and my pocket pc.

Mitzi H. said...

This may sound crazy, but I hate riding in the motor home....something weird about being in the passenger seat and watching the canyon drop off on my side of the road...

Anyways, while I will go anywhere my hubby wants to go as long as I have my bed and bathroom....(The Motor Home)....I can't watch the road, etc. when we travel and have to sit in the bathroom. I read my books and take hubby snakes/sodas etc. and I'm happy.

A. Catherine Noon said...

Good gracious, I hope you don't read ebooks in the tub! ~grin~ I've read all over. Upside down, right side up, anywhere. :)

Mary Quast said...

I get car sick too. Being a mom to three busy boys I find myself carrying a book with me always. I read before games start & during time outs. I also have a reading night w/ each one when hubby is gone. We'll crawl under the covers in my bed and read until midnight. They love this special time.

I so wish I had a device to download ebooks!