Saturday, May 30, 2009

Signed Science Fiction Romance Novella with Liquid Silver

For the Hearts Afire Series, a line of novellas featuring fire fighters.

Firestorm on E'Terra

Erotic SFR -- Novella

Intragalactic smokejumper and former refugee Wilson Dex takes the latest in a long line of risks, a mission to quell the firestorm on planet E'Terra.

Equipment from his transport ship malfunctions, forcing by-the-book Commander Samantha Varde dirtside to help Dex though she suffers from landsickness.

While fighting the ill-timed and against-code heat between them, they have hours to reprogram a fire retardant torpedo, fly into a tornado, and chute into a firestorm, all to save the colony before the storm flames out of control.

Liquid Silver Books.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wolf-Bitten Released!

by Ella Drake

Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Release date: May 29, 2009
Buy Here

Never run from a werewolf, unless you want to get caught.

Alaya left home rather than marry her fiancĂ©, a werewolf. Brock survived three years in the clutches of Wolfbane. Now he’s free, he wants his mate, but she’s hiding in the suburbs where the stench of petroleum covers her tracks. That won’t stop him. Nor will the hunters of Wolfsbane.

Wolf-Bitten is an erotic paranormal romance short story by Ella Drake.
Excerpt, here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

13 Ways to Love Your Werewolf

In honor of Wolf-Bitten, my erotic paranormal romance short story releasing tomorrow (29th) from Cobblestone Press, here's 13 Ways to show your love for that special Were in your life:
  1. Play a game of chase. Werewolves love that.
  2. A nice scratch behind the ears completes any Were's day.
  3. Shifters really need motorcycles. Teresa D’Amario on what bike a shifter would drive.
  4. Play Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, over and over.
  5. Keep an extra change of clothes for him in your trunk.
  6. Better yet, carry a backpack with extra clothes, the miracle cure for silver poisoning, and a lunar calendar.
  7. Take him to see An American Werewolf in London, but find an old drive-in, in case he feels a need to howl.
  8. Never pull out the DVD of Teen Wolf. Nobody wants to remember those awkward teen years and all that shaving gel.
  9. Get rid of the Wolfsbane (Aconitum) in the garden.
  10. Be sure you find the local butcher with the best fresh meat.
  11. A good shampoo and flea comb is a good start, but giving him the full home spa treatment could make even a werewolf purr.
  12. When he wants to go out running with the guys, be understanding when he comes home naked.
  13. And be sure to remind him, he's your Alpha, always.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A big congrats to Prism finalists!

Congratulations to the finalists in FF&P's Prism Contest!
in alphabetic order

Dark Paranormal
Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley
Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden
Mona Lisa Craving by Sunny

A Mermaid’s Kiss by Joey W. Hill
Carnal Desires by Crystal Jordan
Siren Singing by Isabo Kelly

The Dragon Master by Jennifer Ashley w/a Allyson James
Dragonborn by Jade Lee
King of Sword & Sky by C.L. Wilson

Fallen by Claire Delacroix
Moonstruck by Susan Grant
Shades of Dark by Linnea Sinclair

Light Paranormal
La Vida Vampire by Nancy Haddock
The Trouble with Moonlight by Donna MacMeans
Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready

“The Spacetime Pool” by Catherine Asaro
“Dark Nest” by Leanna Renee Hieber
“Kung Fu Shoes!” in These Boots were Made for Stomping by Jade Lee

Time Travel
Twist by Colby Hodge
Madman’s Dance by Jana G. Oliver
A Sexy Time of It by Cara Summers

Young Adult
Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell
CHOSEN: A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast
Sleepless by Terri Clark

Category winners and rankings, as well as the coveted Prism Statue Award, will be announced on July 16, 2009 in Washington D.C. at RWA® National and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter at The Gathering.

Jennette Heikes, Co-coordinator for Dark Paranormal, Erotica, Novella & Time Travel
Theresa Kovian. Co-coordinator for Fantasy, Futuristic, Light Paranormal & Young Adult

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Angela James, Executive Editor of Samhain Publishing, gave an interview on Fantasy and Paranormal Genres on Robie Madison's blog.
Check it out!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Scythe by MK Mancos

Here's one from my wishlist...

Scythe by MK Mancos

A hot chick. A golden blade. Dead bodies. It's enough to make a cop crazy.

Keely Montgomery doesn't spend much time thinking about death. She's too busy working toward a Ph.D. in social work—her ticket out of a low-rent apartment in a New Jersey urban center. Until an angelic courier delivers a scroll from the Office of Death and Dismemberment that could take her career down a new path—as one of Heaven's Holy Assassins.

Her? Become a Scythe? No thanks, not interested. But she underestimates how persistent Heaven can be.

Detective Josiah Adler has seen a lot of weird things during his time on the force. A hot blonde wielding a golden blade, standing over a string of dead bodies? That's a new one. So is the fact that her grisly deeds leave no blood or marks on the bodies.

The woman's effect on his libido is another new development. One that leaves him no choice but to nail her before she kills again. And before his heart no longer stands a chance…

Buy at Samhain or visit MK Mancos' website here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

13 Signs Winter Is Over

Winter may have officially been over for several weeks, but I feel like I'm finally dusting off the cobwebs. These are thirteen things I finally got around to doing since last Thursday 13.
  1. Got rid of those yucky curtains and hung 4 sets of blinds.
    (I think this should count as 1-4, hah!)
  2. Replaced the broken rake and outdoor broom.
    (now I need to USE them)
  3. Weeded the garden.
  4. Taught the kids how to take out the trash, wash the dishes, and attempt folding laundry.
  5. Walked kids to school several times this week.
  6. Stayed at the playground twice until dinner time.
  7. Caught up on critiquing (mostly).
  8. Finished my part in judging a contest.
  9. Created my newsletter webpage signup.
  10. Created my website banner.
  11. Read for pleasure.
  12. Started writing a Space Opera novella. *bounce*
  13. Signed a contract for a category length novel!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Forbidden Chamber to be published by Samhain!

Just signed with Samhain Publishing for The Forbidden Chamber, an historical paranormal romance romance with a Gothic setting, shape-shifting ravens, and an imprisoned incubus.

More to come...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Divinity Warriors: Fighting Lady Jayne by Michelle M. Pillow

Here's the next installment in Michelle Pillow's Divinity Warriors series. I'm sure to enjoy this one, too.

Divinity Warriors: Fighting Lady Jayne just released from EC.

Divinity Warriors: Fighting Lady Jayne
The second Divinity Warriors book, set in the Divinity Universe.

Jayne Hart has earned her independence by becoming Divinity Corporation’s inter-dimensional boxing champion. Life is great, until a dirty fighter knocks her unconscious. Now, abandoned by the corporation in a parallel world, Jayne will use every weapon she has to be free once more. Even if it means running from her sexy new “husband” and spending the rest of her life in a primitive forest.

Ronen of Firewall longs for a woman to warm his bed and his home, but he had no intention of choosing a bride. In an unprecedented move, one chooses him. Never in the history of the breeding ceremony has a woman dared to lay claim. How can he resist the alluring Lady Jayne? She’s confident and sure in her decision to be with him—until their wedding night when she’s nowhere to be found. But Ronen is not one to shy from a battle. He will find Jayne and when he does, he has one particular “weapon” in mind for taming his seductive, wayward wife.

BUY NOW from Jasmine Jade
BUY NOW from Ellora's Cave

Thursday, May 14, 2009

13 Fictional half-demons

Thirteen is a number with a reputation as unlucky, spooky, or even evil. 13 being the number today, I thought I share a list of fictional half-demons with you...

Why half-demons? Two of the four manuscripts I have completed and are out under consideration have either a demon or half-demon. Seems I'm partial to demon stories.

A Cambion is a half-human/half-demon offspring from a succubus/incubus union with a human. A Nephilim is a type of being whose origins have various religious interpretations. One view is that Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels (daemons) and human women. So, with those definitions in mind, here are some half-demons in fiction/folklore.

  1. Merlin, a Cambion according to some Arthurian legends.
  2. Goliath, of David and Goliath fame, has been called a Nephilim.
  3. Caliban, the son of the witch Sycorax in The Tempest by William Shakespeare, is a cambion
Half-demon Heroines in Romance.
  1. Hope Adams from Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong
  2. Samantha from The Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley
  3. Roxanne from The Demon's Daughter by Emma Holly
  4. Tayla in Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
  5. Mika in Through A Crimson Veil by Patti O'Shea
  6. Simone in Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Yummy half-demon heroes
  1. Nic, in Hunting the Demon by Jaci Burton (she has several more books in her demon hunter series with half-demons)
  2. Alex Ryan, a cambion in Guardian Seductress by Gracie C. McKeever
  3. Javed, a half-demon, half-vampire in Nocturne Bite: Mortal Enemy, Immortal Lover by Olivia Gates
  4. Vedo, my fictional Nephilim from Scenting Cinnamon, a story out under submission.

If you'd like more books with these types of heroes and heroines, check out other books tagged with Nephilim at LibraryThing, or half-demon.

Why do the greater share of half-demons in Romance tend to be the heroine? Is it because a male half-demon may come off as too strong? I'm not sure that's the case, since the hero in most of these books is pretty powerful as well.
Have you read a great story with a half-demon?

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What are ebooks?

Since I've signed my first contract for an e-book short story, I've gotten lots of questions about e-books from friends and family. I'll try to give an intro that seems to cover most of the basic questions.

An e-book is an electronic book or story, frequently in Adobe PDF or similar format. It's purchased online and downloaded to your computer, PDA, or even mobile phone. It's intended to be read on the device and not intended to be printed. Ebooks cannot be shared with someone else when you're done reading it. Some have DRM (Digital Rights Management), to prevent piracy, and would need a specific e-reader installed for you to access the book. DRM varies with differernt pubishers.

There are three types of e-book publishers. First, a large publisher has a print book that they also release as an e-book, like they might release an audio book. Second, a small press publisher may release a book first as e-book, then later in print. In part, this is because print takes much longer to release than an e-book. Another reason for this, some publishers only move ebooks into print based on how well the e-book sells. The third type of e-book is from a publisher that only produces e-books. These e-books will not go into print while they're under contract with that publisher.

The reason the e-book market is attractive to me is that short stories are difficult to come by in print. I enjoy reading and writing short stories, so the e-book market fits me just right. If you enjoy short fiction and haven't read an e-book, then I hope you give it a try. Another large draw for me to write for e-book publication, the e-book publishers are more likely to accept genres or plot ideas that are a little different, and I like to read and write stories that are a little bit off mainstream fiction.

Specifically for me, my first story, Wolf-Bitten, coming soon from Cobblestone, will be an e-book and for the forseeable future, will not go into print.

If you have any more questions, check out the Wikipedia article on e-books, or leave your question in the comments. I'll do my best to give a coherent answer.

Caught in Silver, finalist in Dixie First Chapter Contest

Caught in Silver, my unpublished erotic SFR manuscript is finalist in the Dixie First Chapter contest. I'm very excited!

Twilight Guardian by R.G. Alexander

Twilight Guardian, Book Three in the Children of the Goddess series, is out today!

Not even the Goddess can save him…but maybe love can.

Children of the Goddess, Book 3

A Sariel guard, Kit has spent centuries fulfilling his people’s oath to protect the Trueblood Clan. Not Vampire, not Were, and certainly not human, Kit is something altogether…different. And when he is called back home to honor his obligations one last time, he can do none other than obey.

Jesse experiences life behind the lens of a camera. The only time she truly lives is in her dreams. For years she’s imagined a world filled with werewolves, vampires, magic. And him. When she realizes that not only is her dream world real, but the giant of her fantasies is in danger, she’ll have to jump in with both feet, and trust her heart. In Kit’s arms, she learns love is as infinite as time.

But so is a bitter god’s thirst for vengeance.

After a thousand years of duty, Jesse’s love is a gift from the Goddess. But for Kit, it might have come too late…

Warning: Spanking, exhibitionism, giants being kinky…just good wholesome fun.

Buy it HERE

Monday, May 11, 2009

Excerpt from Wolf-Bitten

This is an Excerpt Monday post. Visit the Excerpt Monday blog, as well as my fellow participants listed after this snippet from Wolf-Bitten.

Taken from chapter three of Wolf-Bitten, the story of Allie and Brock, coming May 29, 2009 from Cobblestone Press.
Brock is a werewolf, intent on claiming his promised mate. Fully human, Allie thinks she wants nothing to do with marrying a shifter. When he finds her apartment and scents another man, Allie's best friend, she runs again. The chase is on.

Allie slid across the tile floor of the apartment lobby. The click of Brock’s paws scrambled down the stairs. Closer and closer. Her heart raced when she stepped through the automatic doors.

Yes! As usual, a taxi waited at the curb of the hotel across the street. She hopped in.

“Do you know Fonso’s garage off I-85?” she asked.

“Sure.” The driver nodded and pulled away from the curb.

Allie reached for her purse. Damn. She’d rushed out without her wallet or money.

I hope the hell the boss-man is there, or I’ll have to borrow from the register.

Wetting her dry lips, Allie angled toward the rear window. Her wolf skidded to a halt at the side of the road, thrust his snout into the air, and let loose a protracted wail.

Under the light of the awning he stood, braving discovery. Before, she’d been too frightened to really focus on him. She didn’t have long now, either, now that the taxi sped along the street. Such a magnificent creature. He was hers. She could not deny it any longer.

His beautiful fur streaked with silver and glistened at the outer fringes. The light tips graduated to dark against almost black skin. His dark legs contrasted with his bright, sterling tail. Visible from this distance, arresting ice-blue eyes stared after the taxi.

Darting between shadows, he loped down the street. The light accentuated his muscles while he bunched low on the ground, spread wide at full bore, and streaked after them

“Breathtaking,” she whispered.

“You say something?” The cabbie eyed her in the rearview.

“Nothing,” she muttered and shook her head. The streetlights flicked by, and she remained quiet over the rest of the short ride, but her foot tapped restlessly on the floorboard, and she shifted in her seat.

The chase was on. She needed to get Brock away from her apartment building and Max. Getting caught would be the icing on the cake.

Visit other participants:
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My first 13 ebooks

Recently, I perused my--at this point--large bookshelf at Fictionwise and decided to look at the first books I ever purchased, starting in early 2006. Before this, I'd read some classics and a few free SF books. With the exception of the first book, the rest were bought based on Fictionwise rankings and reader ratings. (The first book, by Kenyon, I bought as an ebook to see how I'd like the whole buying an ebook thing. Otherwise, I'd have ordered the book through Amazon. This was a turning point in my way of thinking when it came to ordering books.)

  1. Bad Attitude by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  2. The Fire Within [Storm Lords Book 1] by Marie Harte
  3. Immortal Ops [Immortal Ops Book 1] by Mandy M. Roth
  4. Critical Intelligence [Immortal Ops Novel] by Mandy M. Roth
  5. Wicked Lucidity by Mandy M. Roth
  6. Below the Surface [Storm Lords Book 2] by Marie Harte
  7. Lurin's Surrender by Marie Harte
  8. The Thief of Mardu by Marie Harte
  9. Winner Takes All by Marie Harte
  10. Below by Kaitlyn O'Connor
  11. One Touch by Susie Charles
  12. Paranormal Payload [Project Exorcism Book 1] by Mandy M. Roth
  13. Parlor Games [Anthology] by Leda Swann & Jess Michaels & Julia Templeton

All of these are Erotic Romance, most are futuristic/paranormal. In part because they were my introduction into a genre I now LOVE and in part because of the sheer fun I had reading them, these books have stuck with me. Unlike some books I've read, I remember the characters, the plot, and I still follow some of the authors.

When did you lose your ebook virginity? Does your first one hold a special place in your heart?