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Firestorm on E'Terra Excerpt II

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Chapter One
Master Sergeant Wilson Dex checked the buckle on his chute, adjusted the fit of his pack strap, and twisted his hips to ensure the equipment on his back didn’t jangle. With a slight tap, he verified that his rebreather sat on his chest, ready to fit over his face. All set. In the vast, multi-craft launch bay, he sat next to the hotshot team lining the benches and waited for the go.

“Hey smokejumper, ever taken a helo down from a slapshot on the stratosphere? It’s a wild ride.” The punch on Dex’s shoulder would have told him if the laughter following the challenge had not.

“Chief,” Dex rolled his shoulder to ease out the sting. “I’ve logged enough jump hours to make your entire team look like the babies they are.”

Another punch, in the exact same spot, and a knot started to throb in Dex’s upper arm. Without a flinch, he resisted the urge to cup the forming bruise and didn’t move a muscle.

“Hell, I know, son. Otherwise I wouldn’t have brought a wild card to work with my team.”

Assigned to the mission as a subject matter expert (SME), Dex didn’t point out Chief hadn’t brought him on board. Before the banter could descend into the usual barbs between the loner smokejumper and the cohesive hotshot team of twenty men, the crackle of the speaker reverberated through the open space of the dock bay. “Jump is on hold until turbulent electrical storm passes the landing site.”

The Chief clicked on the comm attached on his shoulder chute strap. “Chief Klein to Captain Varde.”

Dex stilled and tried not to eavesdrop on the civilian fire chief who’d muscled his way onto the bench next to Dex, shifting the team, grunting and grumbling, further down. When Dex noticed he held his breath, waiting on the response over the comm, he pushed the air from his lungs with a long sigh.

While Chief’s hail went unanswered, the burly man raised his brows and grinned at Dex. “Eager for the jump, eh? Can’t control the weather. Well, not on this new terraform, anyway. When the startup colony makes the money, I’m sure they’ll bring in a weather control expert to get them going.”

The leader of this band of firefighters was winding up for another long-winded lecture when his comm clicked.

“Chief,” came the precise, even tone of Captain Varde. Though the voice was nearly asexual, and the woman herself controlled and put-together, Dex’s groin tightened, and to his chagrin, his cock hardened. He shifted on the bench and brought his helmet from hanging on a knee to his lap.

“Ma’am, do we have an estimate on how long we’re delayed?”

Despite trying not to do so, Dex leaned toward the comm on Chief’s shoulder. The Chief raised his brows again, and Dex sat back.

“At least a day, Chief. Disperse your team to regroup again in twenty-four.”
“Aye, aye, skipper.”

The off-click took away her voice, as warm and inviting as the synthesized AI unit that ran this ship’s enviro and cafĂ© systems. Yet, he’d hardened even more, picturing her still face, neat blonde hair with every strand in place, and perfect lipstick he wanted to muss and smear all along his cock.

Dex shifted on the seat again, bumping the hotshot jumper next to him and elbowing Chief. His temporary superior stood and addressed the group of men.

“Well, you heard the boss. Same drill, same time tomorrow. Get your gear stowed and put in a regular day. Blow off the steam you all built up waiting for word. Dismissed.”

The heat-resistant chromoter strapped to Dex’s wrist showed ten minutes before his reserved zap-ball workout slot. When he’d boarded, he’d received an assigned daily exercise, based on preferences, which he’d not missed, not once, in the two-month intragalactic voyage to E’terra.

With the usual routine disrupted when the StratGlider had achieved orbit and the pending mission aborted, Dex hustled out the door. He hoped his partner wouldn’t miss today’s match.


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Jeannie Lin said...

How clever! Taking something that's already a daredevil job in the here and now and moving it to a sci-fi setting. Brilliant!

Just a note, I had some problems with your link. I fixed it on my site, but maybe check it out on with the EM folks?

Ella Drake said...

Thanks, Jeannie.

and I sent them a note about the link. Thanks on that as well.

KB Alan said...

After reading your excerpt and Emily's I'm sold. Off to buy...

Kendal Corbitt said...

oh I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. I love the opening about the punch in the exact same spot and trying not to move to rub it. lol men.