Monday, October 26, 2009


Excerpt Monday LogoWelcome to the special Halloween Full Reads for Excerpt Monday. This month, in addition to our typical excerpt week, we're having a week of full stories written by several fabulous EM writers.
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This is an Excerpt Monday, Full Read for Halloween.
Space-D. A Daphne Adventure: Space Worms Gone Wild

I wrote this story on a little nudge to write something without romance. The resulting story is on my website, here.
Also available for download in pdf -- mobi -- lit.
Please leave a comment and tell me:
Where you think Daphne is headed next?

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Note: I have not personally screened these excerpts. Please heed the ratings and be aware that the links may contain material that is not typical of my site.
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Elise Logan said...

Oh, cool. I love the set up.

Andrea said...

Very interesting and different story. I would hope the rescue ship and leaving the planet.

Carly Carson said...

Gross and creepy. Just wanted you wanted, right? I don't like worms! Also funny.

Kendal Corbitt said...

I bet worms taste gross. Great story! Thanks for the share. I really enjoyed it.

J. W. Hankins said...

Cool twist with the "mech-leg".

Thought it was kind of messed up that her father got killed. Even though I hadn't "met" him, I couldn't help but wonder how he got "done in".

Where is she headed next? Well, maybe when the rescue ship arrives, and the worms attack "new crew", she takes the ship for herself and gets the hell off the planet during the carnage.

I know it's evil, but it's a matter of survival, right? lol.

Zora Stout said...

"...Brown snaky body, slitted unblinking eyes, and a wide mouth full of razor sharp teeth."

Um, yeah, I totally would've passed out, lol. Great read as usual, Ella!

Ella Drake said...

Elise, thanks! I noticed we both had rebreathers in our stories.

Andrea, that's one vote for catching the rescue ship & going off world.

Carly, Yep, going for gross, creepy, and funny! And what have you got against worms? :)

Kendal. Thanks. I don't really want to try worms, but I'll bet they taste like dirt.

J.W. I liked the twist, too! Didn't want to picture too closely how her father went. Blech. Another vote for rescue ship & leaving, but added massacre of crew. Got it!

Zora,thank you so much! Yes, I think I'd pass out too!