Friday, October 2, 2009

Scent of Cin Now Available

Scent of Cin, an erotic paranormal romance short story, now available from Cobblestone Press.

Half-demon Vedo resurrects the newly-dead Cinnamon Murphy, detective, bane of the Hellions — and all woman. Vedo needs her to find his son, product of a forced union with a powerful demoness, but Vedo gets more than he bargains for. Once Cin is no longer a shade, her scent becomes a lure his Nephilim nature can’t resist. Cin finds that being raised from the dead gives her uncontrollable cravings for heat, especially for the hot man who needs her help, a man she’s sworn to kill.

Scent of Cin is the 2008 novella winner of the Stroke of Midnight Contest, sponsored by Passionate Ink.

Available for purchase at Cobblestone Press.

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