Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wolf-Bitten on Fictionwise!

I initially started writing with the goal of one day having my book on Fictionwise. Didn't start with the goal of hitting the NYT. Nope, I wanted to see my book on Fictionwise. When I first started reading e-books, I shopped there & discovered a new world of sub-genres from small presses that completely blew me away. When I started writing, I needed to write a werewolf story, a romp, a good time. Wolf-Bitten came to me & I had fun.

So, today, having my first short story appear on this ebook retail site is making me very happy and a little weepy. To celebrate, I'm giving a copy of Wolf-Bitten to one random commenter on this post. Comments can be about anything (OK, within reason) but include contact info (twitter name is fine). Contest closes end of day Thursday (Midnight EST).

*warning* this story is ultra steamy/erotic with a demanding alpha wolf & a heroine who is no pushover. Explicit language.

And here's the link to the story with excerpt on Fictionwise.
*happy dancing*

Have a lovely day and keep reading!


RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Congratulations on your sale to Fictionwise!
You are a Published Author!
Love & Best Wishes,

ParaJunkee said...

Hey congrats! I'll have to delve a little deeper into fictionwise. I love werewolves too...even if I don't win it, I'll download it.
- Parajunkee @ Blog with Bite

D. B. Story said...

Congratulations, Ella, on being published. It is a great feeling that I had myself for the first time this year as well. What most intrigues me about your post is that your desire was to get published on Fictionwise. For a long time mine was to be published in print, and then to be on Amazon as the world's biggest bookstore. If you can only be on one place, be on the biggest one. :^) FW was completely beneath my radar until my publisher pointed out that while they can be frustrating at times, they sell more product than any other eBook site. Okay, that works for me.

Now the next big moment to look forward to is your first royalty check near the middle/end of November. That will be tough since you came in right near the end of the current publishing quarter (my first title came out 4 days before the end of the Jan-Mar quarter so I had very little exposure on that first check), but after that things can only get better.

I hope that this won't be your only title published soon.


Mary Quast said...

I read the excerpt and it sounds like a good read. A hot were and a strong woman... throw in a dark pain in the arse and what a yummy story.

Hugs and Congrats!! Whoot-whoot!

Ella Drake said...

Thanks, RKCharron & ParaJunkee for the well wishes.

D.B. Story,
Congrats on your own first release!
Just a quick note.
Some publishers release on Fictionwise on same day as their own releases. In the case of some, including my publisher Cobblestone, they wait for a few weeks or longer before they release on Fictionwise. Wolf-Bitten has been out since May, but this is like a new release day all over again!

As for wishing to be on Fictionwise versus Amazon. Well, sure. A wider release would be wonderful, of course. When I started writing, what struck me about Fictionwise was the smaller sub-genres that I hadn't seen elsewhere at the time. Now I know so much more about small presses, but that's where I started. Wanting to write some of those niche futuristics and paranormals.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad the excerpt appealed to you!
And thanks for the congrats.

Ella Drake said...

And the random number generator said: 3
D.B Story, I'll get in touch with you.
Thanks for coming by, everyone!