Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Futuristic and Science Fiction Romance Authors

As you can see, my bookshelf has quite a number of Futuristic and Science Fiction Romance Books. I wanted to recommend Fut/SFR books for Thursday Thirteen, but I have so many print books and many more ebooks, I didn't quite know where to start.
So, I decided to list 13 SFR/Fut authors from my print shelves that I highly recommend. I've labeled them SFR or Fut. The largest difference is the amount of worldbuilding, with SFR delving deeper into the created world. With the exception of Asaro, the SFR authors write "soft" SF. Asaro does write closer to "hard" SF on occasion. My labels are subjective and the order of the list is random (mostly).
  1. Linnea Sinclair - SFR. An auto-buy for me. I recommend all her books, but I usually single out Games of Command for first time SFR readers. It's stand alone & I love the hero, a strong leader with an intriguing vulnerability.
  2. Catherine Asaro - SFR. Asaro writes SF, Fantasy, and SFR. Her short story, "The Shadowed Heart", struck a chord with me & I've never forgotten it. A war-weary starship pilot and his struggles. I simply love it. It's in the anthology Best New Paranormal Romance.
  3. Wen Spencer - SFR. Tinker is fantastic! It's Pittsburgh w/ a rift into the world of elves (might be more accurately described as Science Fantasy Romance). Spencer writes both SF & Fantasy with varying degrees of romance & romantic elements. Tinker will not disappoint the Romance reader.
  4. Katherine Allred - SFR. I really enjoyed Close Encounters and look forward to reading more in this series. There is a great amount of worldbuilding in this story, but I fell right into it.
  5. Ann Aguirre - SFR. Grimspace is a fun/gritty read. The main character, Jax, is definitely put through the ringer & I'd say that the feel of the series has more in common with Urban Fantasy than most SFR. It's written in first person, present tense, and that took a bit to get used to, but if you can do that, give this book a try.
  6. Patti O'Shea - Fut. Ravyn's Flight tells the story of a team on an alien planet endangered by an unknown sinister presence. Reminds me a little of Stargate SG-1, to be honest.
  7. Colby Hodge - Fut. I enjoy her Oasis Series & hope she gets to that third book soon!
  8. Nathalie Gray (erotic) - SFR/Fut. Smart and intelligent stories that are hot! & She has an erotic steam punk romance!
  9. CJ Barry - Fut. Fun and sexy reads. If you like to read paranormal romance, you'd have no trouble reading these books.
  10. Eve Kenin - Fut. This is the name Eve Silver used to write two fantastic, wonderful books for SHOMI. Driven and Hidden. What's not to love about a kick-butt heroine battling it out with sexy hot mysterious guy, truckers & ice pirates? Or battling a madman trying to release a plague? I talked to Eve during her book signing at RWA. She's not expecting to release another Eve Kenin any time soon, but she said to keep an eye out for more action adventure coming from her. Can't wait!
  11. Angela Knight (erotic) - Fut. If you like erotic romance, get your hands on one of Angela Knight's futuristics. Too much fun to miss.
  12. Susan Grant - SFR/Fut. This author falls into my auto-buy category. Her futuristics are incredibly accessible, so if you've hesitated to read futuristic or SF, don't hesitate to read her releases from HQN, starting with Your Planet or Mine? The SF elements are light and it reads more like a contemporary than SF. Still, full of hot, hot aliens!
  13. Michele Lang - Fut. Netherworld gives a nod to Robin Hood, but the world is even more fantastical. This book is one of the reasons I'd hoped the SHOMI line would be successful, but alas... the line folded, but not before giving us this gem.
*bonus author* Lois McMaster Bujold - Romantic SF/F. I must confess, I've heard so many wonderful things about Bujold, but I haven't managed to read any of her novels. I have read a short story, "Winterfair Gifts," featured in Irresistible Forces. One of the most unusual romances I've ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very different type of relationship with an unlikely hero & heroine.

Have you read any great Futuristic or Science Fiction Romance lately?
Or, if you don't read these genres, what keeps you from it?


Stephanie Adkins said...

I really should start reading Sci-Fi because I don't recognize any of those names. ACK! I've spent so much time writing lately that I haven't had the chance to read anything. *sniff sniff* I need to get busy. :)

Adelle Laudan said...

I really haven't read much of either genre. I have had the opportunity to be at a chat with Linnea Sinclair over a year ago. One talented author~

Happy T13!

Flicka Holt said...

I've heard of some of them, but the only one I actually read is Angela Knight.

I'll bookmark this list for when I have more reading time on my hands!

David Bridger said...

Thanks for the ideas list! I'll start with Linnea Sinclair.

cmtorrens said...

Ah, I know many of these titles and have many in my bookshelf. I would suggest Cordial's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold. One of the few books I've read that I will read again and again.


Shelley Munro said...

I've read most of these on your list. I'm going through a sci-fi phaze at the moment.

sophiaparkwood said...

I haven't read many of these so I'll be adding them to my list to buy. Great list. Happy Thursday!

Cambria Dillon said...

Thank you for this list! I've wanted to pick up SFR for a while but didn't quite know where to start. I love Urban Fantasies so I was glad to see some on your list are within that scope.

Paige Tyler said...

I don't know any of those, but they sound interesting!


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Heather said...

I can't say I'm familiar with any of these authors, as I tend more towards RS or mystery. The only SFR series I can remember reading is Johanna Lindsey's Warrior's Woman. Loved it!

I did books this week as well: My Blog

Yvette Davis said...

I also read Sinclair and Aguirre. Haven't had a chance to read Angela Knight yet but I will...

Elise Logan said...

good list. I agree with a lot of the authors on here.

Em and I are doing a serial on that is in this area, so having more authors to check out is great. thanks!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Your bookshelf looks a lot like mine! LOL!
I love Anne McCaffery's books too. Mainly "The Rowan" which is a romance. I love that series.

Janice said...

I really like Sci-fi but I haven't read any of these.

Great list.

Happy TT.