Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lean over a little more...

Over the dinner table, his dark hair contrasted sharply with his eyes that glinted in the dim light. He smiled with a devilish quirk to his mouth.

"Do you want to give it a try?" he asked.

He lifted his fork and beckoned for her to taste. The morsel too far way, she leaned over the table. His eyes traveled from her parted lips, down, down. He pulled the fork back and grinned, eyes glued to her low cut dress.

"Lean over a little more," he purred.

She knew what he wanted. The table in her way, she leaned so far over he was sure to see her belly button.

While he was distracted, salivating over her cleavage, she licked his hand. His fingers tensed on the utensil, and she smelled his excitement.

Between her moist parted lips, as red as the wine she drank, her tongue caressed her lengthening incisors. She smiled at his panic before she sank her teeth into his wrist. Such a tasty morsel. She hated to let go for a second, but she wanted more. She reluctantly removed her mouth from the arm she held like a shackle against his struggles. Quick as a the predator she was, she pulled him arm first across the table. He lay there, like the meal he was, his neck exposed. His jugular beat an erratic pulse.

"Lean over a little more," she whispered in his ear.

She pulled him closer and sank her teeth into his sweet neck.

dedicated to my dinner friends, you know who you are! (snicker)

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