Monday, December 3, 2007

Paranormal Gadgets

As an unpublished author, I try to look at elements in the work of successful writers and try to understand if it applies to me, does this type of element exist elsewhere, is it overdone? Etc.
Something that struck me was a remark in a keynote address by Bruce Coville about the success of the Harry Potter series in part (no telling how large a part) due to the coolness-per-page factor. Meaning, JK Rowling has all these cool things on every page: wands, jelly beans, invisibility cloaks, Quidditch "technology", the list could go on and on and on.
I've thought about this. Most of the successful paranormal romance books don't really have paranormal gadgets. You might expect to see interesting technology and toys in SciFi, you might have a magical sword in Fantasy, but not too much in paranormal. Perhaps one might count the paranormal elements themselves here, but as a techno-geek I'm interested in man-made/paranormal-made technology.
Any PNR books out there with gadgets?


Anatis said...

There are actually a lot of 'Paranormal Gadgets' if you but look for them. :)
Runes, amulets, spells, almanacks and all manner of 'Eye of Newt / Toe of Frog' that can be abused as paraphernalia. (Great word, isn't it? :))
Anything can be turned into a paranormal gadget - it's up to you to make me believe it. :)

Ella Drake said...

I did think of items with spells/witchcraft as gadgets. I especially like the concept of amulets. Once example is in Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan's series. I really like the idea of charm bracelets being charm bracelets. This certainly has a "coolness" factor.