Thursday, November 22, 2007

RT Convention –drive or fly

Weighing the pros and cons of driving or flying to the RT Convention in Pittsburg, I needed an estimate on how much it would cost to drive, how long. How much does it cost to fly? Using the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator, I have the following estimate:


Start City:

MA, Boston

End City:

PA, Pittsburgh

One-Way Trip:




Gallons Used


Fuel Cost





Gallons Used


Fuel Cost

According to Google Maps, the drive will take 10 hours. Self parking is $21.25 a day. I believe I'll be there five days, total parking $110. Total cost, factoring in only half of the daily parking, to have a "one-way" cost comparison, $196.

Using Travelocity, the best fare is $185 BOS to PIT, flight under two hours, 30 minutes drive to hotel. Courtesy bus to hotel is $17, roundtrip $34. It takes me an hour to take the subway to the airport, so roundtrip, that's another two hours, cost is pocket change, rounding up to $5. Total trip time should include three hours of airport time, one way. Total trip time one way, even flying, 6 ½ hours. Total cost, approximately $204.

Price difference is negligible. Time difference, 3 ½ extra hours if I drive, hopefully. The driving time estimate is sketchy since I drive fast, but traffic and construction is always a problem, course I could use a GPS with traffic updates, so maybe drive time will be good.

One last thought: packing. Having the luxury of not fitting a fairy costume in a suitcase (yep, I will be going to the Fairy Ball), and bringing back any extra stuff I pick up, bringing the car or van would be good (I did the cost estimate based on the van, as the slightly higher cost factor).

Yet another thought, if I share the drive with someone, the cost difference is more significant.


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Amanda said...

Did you include the two hours to get through security and sitting at the gate for flying? Both ways? Sounds like fun either way. Have a good time at the convention.