Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Two RWA Conferences

I haven't been posting because I've busy for the past several weeks both preparing for and attending two conferences. Moonlight & Magnolias in Atlanta and Put your Heart in a Book in New Jersey. Both were great. Informative workshops and lots of good opportunities for editor/agent appointments. I'll attend both of these again next year. Worth the effort.

Everyone gets something different from these events. In Atlanta, the highlight for me was the pitch workshop I attended. The workshop was set up with about ten per table, with a published author at each to run the workshop. I was at Kelley St. John's table. Lots of really good information. She runs a pitch workshop that must be excellent, based on how things went at this event. If you have the opportunity to take her class, you should.

The best part of the NJ conference was meeting many of the members of my crit group. Until this weekend, I knew most of them primarily through email. It was great.

More later...

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