Monday, October 15, 2007

Environment in Literature

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Light bulb moment. I'm struggling with trying to find a topic for my Master's Thesis in Literature. In doing so, I look at my manuscripts. Turns out, all of my work have moments of green. All have environmental issues buried in them. Yes, buried. I'm not one to enjoy an author stepping onto their soap box while I'm reading for enjoyment. That said, some of these issues are almost characters in themselves.

I have a short story with werewolves who are sensitive to the scent of petroleum. I have Phoenix who are worried over the gluttonous use of energy in their futuristic world. I have a faerie goblin who is angered over damage to his river and forest. There's more, but the point is that these issues are deeply important to me, and I was completely unaware that everything I'm writing has these elements in them.

Why should I be surprised? Forget my own personal views, look at the genres I'm drawn toward. SciFi is a perfect fit for environmentalism. Many of the major themes in these works come back to the damage that men can make on their world. Paranormal heroes in Paranormal Romance also tend to be friendly to the environment, if not completely tied to it. A common theme is even a fear of extinction of species.

I know that the environment is one of the most important political issues for me, but I have to wonder if the readers of SciFi, Fantasy, and Paranormal realize they are reading thinly veiled stories promoting conservation, preservation of wilderness, species protection, etc.

I'm doing my part. Recycling, teaching my kids about the environment, and writing from my conscience. I'm also participating in Blog Action Day, which is a day for bloggers to unite. Topic is the environment.

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