Friday, September 14, 2007

Women Warriors

I like to read about strong women with a romance worthy of her. No dominating male. No subduing her strength. RT has a list of books with "Women Warriors." Looking through it, there are some interesting entries there, but obviously they weren't making an all inclusive list. Of note, quite a few of these are sci fi/fantasy. Probably because that genre lends itself well to the idea.

One of my favorite "women warrior" books is not on the RT list. The Light Bearer, by Donna Gillespie. This is well worth a read. This is a historical romance written with a fantasy flair. The heroine, Auriane is a warrior. An extremely strong character. Set in the Roman Empire, it gives a realistic feel to that time and place. With the amount of research and care put into this novel, the reader gets sucked right in, and the sheer strength of surviving that time is obvious. Her hero Marcus is strong, noble, passionate. Excellent book.

Does "kick ass" chick apply? Maybe that's another question, who are some kick ass military/detective/agent women in romance today? J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas comes to mind, but even though she fights physically as well as with a gun, I think the idea here is a swash-buckling, sword toting, fight-to-the-death, age-old warrior-type.

Question is, what are other good "women warrior" novels?

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Ella Drake said...

Two other books to add. Both of these are fantasy rather than "romance," but there are "romantic elements" and just all around good books:
Green Rider by Kristen Britain. And I think that Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley should qualify.