Friday, August 24, 2007

Reading -- "Tag, You're It"

Tag, You're It (Berkley Sensation)
by Penny McCall

Okay, so this isn't a paranormal. Since the topic is "Paranormal Romance," you might think that the first book in this list would fall under that category. But, no. I've got stacks of books to read, among many I obtained at the RWA National Convention in Dallas. I spoke briefly to Penny McCall when she autographed the book. We talked about the cover, which I really like. That is how I decided to read hers first. Funny how someone just strikes you when you spend half a minute speaking to them. She doesn't know me from a hill of beans, but she made me want to read her book simply by exchanging an interesting word or two with me.

The book--
This is treasure hunt meets stung female imposes seclusion on herself. Throw in some organized crime, lots of snow, and you've got a story. The hero and heroine are strong characters who maintain their strength throughout, no gushing female subdued by the alpha male. Plenty of laughs, and mutual attraction. This is fun, fun, fun. Now I have to go back and read her first in this series, All Jacked Up. Great title, and once again, great cover. But, it'll have to wait. I have a HUGE stack to go through first.

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