Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reading -- "Riding the Storm"

Riding the Storm
by Sydney Croft
Got an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of this at RWA.
Let me say it again, HOT!
The jacket cover and Amazon description both give you a glimpse of a Remy (with a name like that, of course he's from from New Orleans) Ex-SEAL, storm magnet who is troubled by insatiable and uncontrollable sexual appetites during strong weather.

The heroine Haley works for an agency filled with others with various paranormal abilities. She does not have any special powers--she's an expert on weather, thus she's brought in to approach Remy to join the agency.

What the cover and other descriptions of the book don't tell you is that really, this is a complete world building. The book takes a great deal of time dealing with two other story lines. One, a ghost hunter and a woman who controls electricity, both from the agency, who get it on in a haunted house. The other, the head of the agency and his tortured longing for a lost love, giving into his strong bi-sexual libido--several times. These two other story lines are also sexy and are a hint of what's to come.

If you like paranormal erotic romance, take a look at this one. It kept me interested and entertained. The authors (Sydney Croft is a pen name for two authors) created eroticism without losing the romance and emotional connections, which were strongly built.
Highly enjoyable and definitely HOT!

The two authors behind Sydney Croft:


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